Dentures and Partials

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Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. Depending on your individual case, you may be a candidate for full or partial dentures. Full dentures are used when all-natural teeth are either missing or extracted and are replaced with a full set of dentures. If you have remaining natural, healthy teeth a partial denture may be a better solution. Partials are similar to a dental bridge, but unlike a bridge, they do not remain in your mouth permanently.

Dentures are a great solution to missing teeth. However, over time denture usage may result in loss of bone and gums. This creates the need for a denture reline or an entirely new prosthetic.

Denture Reline

Has your once comfortable denture become loose and irritating? Try a denture reline to improve fit and overall comfortability. Often, daily wear, weight loss, weight gain, or water retention can affect the condition of your denture or change the shape of your mouth.

A dental reline helps you get a better fit for your denture and prolongs the life of the denture. A well-fitting denture enables you to eat comfortably so that you remain healthy and fit in the long run.

Traditional Denture Alternatives:


Implant overdentures, like standard dentures, are removable prosthetics with artificial teeth. Upper overdentures are fashioned like a horseshoe, unlike ordinary dentures. For many patients, this is a blessing because the palate of the prosthesis can be removed. This results in improved comfort, speech, and taste. The lower overdenture has the obvious benefit of providing the patient with a stable, retentive prosthesis that does not move around in the mouth.

Dental Implants

At Frankfort Implant Dentistry, we believe that each of our patients deserves beautiful, full-functioning, lifelong smiles. Implants are a recommended denture alternative that can be cost-effective and can last for decades. To learn more click here.

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